Thursday, September 27, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Thursday, September 27, 2018

Newspaper Files Lawsuit To Unseal Rep. Keith Ellison’s Divorce Records 

Soros Spokesman Confirms What We All Thought From The Beginning

President Trump’s UN Speech Takes Direct Aim at Globalism

It Has Been A Bad 24 Hours For Journalism

Avenatti Locks Twitter Account After Admitting Kavanaugh Accuser May Not Come Forward

Nose Blind

UPDATED: Michael Avenatti’s Credibility in Question After 4Chan Rumors Emerge

Porn Lawyer Duped By 4Chan Hoax Has $10 MILLION Secret He Doesn’t Want You to Know

Gallup: Under Trump’s Leadership, GOP Rises to Highest Approval Rating in Nearly a Decade

WATCH: ‘Creepy’ Lawyer Avenatti MOCKS Kavanaugh’s Virginity, Asks About Oral Sex

BREAKING: Senate Talks With Two Men Who Say THEY Assaulted Ford, NOT KAVANAUGH

Stormy’s Lawyer Brings Forward “Gang Rape” Accuser Against Kavanaugh

Obama Goes off the Deep End [Video]

There Are Eight Serious Problems for the Story by Christine Blasey Ford

The Russia Probe documents have Congressmen usurping the Executive Office?

What Happened After Cruz’s Dinner Disaster Will Leave You Speechless

Dem Claims Kavanaugh Should Receive ‘No Presumption of Innocence’

This explains much of the Democrats approach to the Kavanaugh accusations [Video]

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