Friday, September 28, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Friday, September 28, 2018

Soros Spokesman Confirms What We All Thought From The Beginning

BREAKING: Sex Assault Lawyer Destroys Kavanaugh Accuser’s Case, Says She Suffers From ‘Mistaken Identity’

Confirmation Committee Dems Send Ornery Demands to Trump

Senate Democrats Smiled and Laughed Before Christine Blasey Ford’s Testimony (Photos)

BREAKING: Senate Talks With Two Men Who Say THEY Assaulted Ford, NOT KAVANAUGH

1991 Joe Biden Tape Destroys Democrats Demands For FBI Probe of Kavanaugh (Video)

Julie Swetnick’s Allegations Against Judge Kavanaugh Don’t Add Up

George Soros Funded the Fusion GPS Anti-Trump Dossier

Kavanaugh Smear Campaign Means BIG BUCKS For Kamala Harris

What’s next? Will Dems now claim Kavanaugh once molested a horde of wild mongrel dogs?

If Accusation Equals Guilt, the Bill of Rights Is Dead

JUST IN: Kavanaugh Accuser’s Boyfriend Filed Restraining Order, She Threatened Baby

WILD! Third Kavanaugh Accuser Sued Employer for Sex Harassment, Lawyer’s Firm Reps Blasey Ford

Here is Why Judge Brett Kavanaugh Should Not Withdraw

There Are Eight Serious Problems for the Story by Christine Blasey Ford

Pedo Makes Mistake of Assaulting Daughter of Shotgun-Owning Momma Bear

BOMBSHELL: Kavanugh’s Prepared Statements to Senate Have Leaked

How Long After Dr. Ford’s Testimony Did Dems Send Cash Pleas? 30 hours? 3 hours? Or 30 Minutes?

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