Tuesday, September 4, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Why Trump must go after Hillary Clinton or else

Red Hen Rocked After Sarah Sanders Stunt Stagnates Sales

McCain Funeral Turned into Trump Bashing by Daughter

Dear CNN: Trump Lends Air Force Two To Bring McCain’s Casket To Washington — Is That News?

Actual Astronaut Weighs in On Moon Movie’s Flag Flop

BREAKING: Iran and Syria Threaten U.S.- They are Ready To “GO ALL THE WAY”

Was Omarosa was on a mission to nail the White House?

I Must Disagree with Mollie’s Dad 

Does Kavanaugh Have Enough Votes to be Confirmed?

Panetta Warns Democrats On Impeachment of President Trump

Beautiful, Bipartisan Moment Outshines Ugly Drama at McCain Funeral

What Is The DOJ Hiding?

Watch: George W. Plays With Michelle During McCain’s Marathon Trump Bashing Funeral

Formerly Maniacal Howard Dean Questions Trump’s Mental Capacity

Nancy Pelosi Swears That Feminist Spirits Spoke To Her In The White House (Video)

What’s Preventing Trump from Appointing His Own Special Counsel?

Mollie Tibbetts’ Father Says The Unthinkable A Week After Suspect In His Daughters Murder Arrested

WATCH: Allie Beth Stuckey SLAMS Republicans for Cowardice on Abortion

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