Wednesday, September 5, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Wednesday, September 5, 2018

John Kerry Considers 2020 Presidential Run, So Trump Drops the Hammer with 5 Words

Democrat Candidate for Governor Embroiled in FBI Corruption Scandal [Details]

Mad Dog Smacks Back Hard at Bob Woodward and His Anti-Trump Anonymously Sourced Book

Sarah Sanders Hits CNN Where It Hurts!

BREAKING: Iran and Syria Threaten U.S.- They are Ready To “GO ALL THE WAY”

WATCH: Nike’s Go Up In Flames After Making Colin Kaepernick Face of 30th Anniversary

Was Omarosa was on a mission to nail the White House?

What Is The DOJ Hiding?

Is the Drum Beating for Jeff Sessions? 

Dear Vegan: Farmers Kill Every Animal That Preys Upon Your Veggies

Now Liberals Are Saying that It is Racist for White Men to Have Beards

Obama CIA Director John Brennan Attacks ‘False Bravado’ Trump In Scathing Tweet

Democrats Having Buyer’s Remorse on the Nuclear Option?

Trump Goes Nuclear After Jeff Sessions Puts Two GOP Seats in Jeopardy [FIREWORKS]

Actress Patricia Heaton Slams Mainstream Media Over Pope Scandal


The Kavanaugh Attacks Did Not Go Unchallenged [Video]

Nike’s Latest Social Justice Gamble Makes For Stock Market Slip

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