Thursday, September 6, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Thursday, September 6, 2018

Mad Dog Smacks Back Hard at Bob Woodward and His Anti-Trump Anonymously Sourced Book

Sarah Sanders Hits CNN Where It Hurts!

Levi’s Pressing Employees to DONATE to Newly Formed Gun Control Group [Details]

Rep Mark Meadows Sends Demand Letter to AG Jeff Sessions

Hillary Clinton Goes Postal Over Kavanaugh Hearings, Gets HARSH Reminder of Her Loss

CNN Makes It Official On Kavanaugh, Democrats Will Be VERY Displeased [Watch]

Taya Kyle Has the Perfect Message for Kaepernick and Nike About True ‘Sacrifice’

Well-Known Hollywood Actress ARRESTED for Protesting at Kavanaugh SCOTUS Hearing [Details]

Michael Moore Blames 90’s Rock Singer for Trump Presidency

Pelosi Parties With Elites, Globalists While Plotting Dems Actions When They Take The House

The Kavanaugh Attacks Did Not Go Unchallenged [Video]

Former President Transparency Threatens to Cancel Denmark Speech 

Actress Patricia Heaton Slams Mainstream Media Over Pope Scandal

Even CNN Knows the Democrats Can’t Stop the Kavanaugh Confirmation

One of the best cases made for supporting Kavanaugh was made by a Hillary, Obama supporter 

Chuck Schumer’s Staff In Damage Control After Video Appears to be of Him Endorsing Impeachment

The Immoral, Emptiness of Nike’s Colin Kaepernick Ad

Watch: Kaepernick’s Nike Ad Is Unveiled And It’s Comedic Gold!

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