Friday, September 7, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Friday, September 7, 2018

How Embarrassing! Harris Grills Kavanaugh About Mueller Only to Find Out He Worked With Him (Video)

MSNBC Host Wants the 25th Amendment Invoked Immediately

Come Out of the Shadows You Cowards

One of the best cases made for supporting Kavanaugh was made by a Hillary, Obama supporter 

Here We Go Again: Two NFL Players SIT ON THE BENCH During End of Nat’l Anthem

Has A ‘Stall’ Been Implemented By Special Counsel Robert Mueller?

DOJ is About to Give Big Social Media the Attention They Have Been Dreading

Must See Video: Illegals Non-Stop Streaming Across the Border

It’s Not Just Conservatives Unhappy with Nike’s New Campaign

Watch: Kaepernick’s Nike Ad Is Unveiled And It’s Comedic Gold!

Rumors Swirl SecState Mike Pompeo Drafted NYT ‘Deep State’ Hit Piece on Trump (Details)

Parkland Fathers Left-Wingery Came Before His Daughter at Kavanaugh Hearing

Defunct Ringling Bros. Circus Finds a New Home at the Senate Hearings


Massachusetts Issues Nearly 2000 Licenses to DEAD PEOPLE- It Gets Worse…

Reactions Abound in Case of New York Times’ White House Saboteur

Fake News or Treason?’ Trump Urges NYT to Reveal White House ‘Resistance’ Insider (Video)

NIKE GETS KAEP’D! Sweatshop Pioneers Receive EVEN MORE Bad News

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