Saturday, September 8, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Saturday, September 8, 2018

Paid Protesters at Kavanaugh Hearings? Photos of Activist Receiving Cash to Protest

Here Is The BEST Part of the Kavanaugh Hearings So Far

Obama Gets Back on Campaign Trail in Order to Disparage The Donald

Liz Warren Now Calling for Trump’s Removal By Obscure Amendment

Has A ‘Stall’ Been Implemented By Special Counsel Robert Mueller?

Dem Senator Accuses Reporter of Violating Constitution For Asking Him A Question

Come Out of the Shadows You Cowards

A Cowardly Coup that Endangers American Security

US Rancher Releases INSANE Video of Armed Illegals Streaming onto Property

Just In: Andrew McCabe Now Under Probe By a Grand Jury [Video]

An Even Deeper State Has Been Exposed

TRUMP EFFECT: Job Growth Numbers Stun as Economy Roars

Massachusetts Issues Nearly 2000 Licenses to DEAD PEOPLE- It Gets Worse…

How About a Scientific Guess as to Who the NY Times Anonymous Trump Insider Is?

NIKE GETS KAEP’D! Sweatshop Pioneers Receive EVEN MORE Bad News

NYT’s Credibility Issues Come to Light Again in Latest Scuffle with POTUS

GOP Rep Steve Scalise warns the Democrats about inciting violence

Trump Drops ENORMOUS Truth Bomb, Decimating DC Swamp!

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